A Day out at.....Brockhill Country Park

Brockhill Waterfall

Brockhill Country Park is located Near Sandling Station near the village of Saltwood. It can be reached by bus, car or by taking the train to Sandling station. There is a car park for which a small fee is charged, a visitor centre and toilet facilities.

When you arrive at the park, a look around the visitor centre will tell you a little about its history and also will enable you to get more information both about the park itself and a series of walks in the surrounding countryside. (One or two of which are currently slightly restricted due to the construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link).

There are picnic and barbecue facilities near to the car park and a trail leads down the hill into the main part of the park. A large play area is the first thing you come to...lots of swings, climbing areas and slides to play on. The path winds down the hill across a small bridge over the Brockhill stream and on to Brockhill Park Lake.


Brockhill Lake



Brockhill lake is fed by a spring which the path going around the lake meets at one point as it travels around. You get a good view of the spring from the bridge in this photograph.





The lake has only recently been drained and cleaned and is looking forward to the summer with its newly cleaned water. A small group of ducks usually swims about but they never seem to be very hungry!

The path around the lake is well surfaced and very easy to get around even in wet weather. The scenery changes with the seasons. On one side of the lake, the path runs by the Brockhill stream. The stream then drops away down a pretty little waterfall into a lovely wooded dell which can be crossed by a boardwalk.





The amount of water in the waterfall can vary dramatically according to the weather and can be quite a lot if it is wet.





Once past the lake, the path crosses a bridge and enters the second part of the park, a scenic valley with a couple of ancient trees and, usually, lots of sheep. Although Brockhill school is very nearby, you would never know if you did not know it was there.

The Field


There are several paths around the field and the nearby stream as well as a few paths that leave the park itself and head out across the countryside for the more adventerous. Most people, however, are happy just to stay nearby and watch the sheep go about their business...




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